Pine Furniture

Pine Furniture We have a large selection of pine furniture products, from pine benches and bookcases to pine wall mirrors and wardrobes and everything in-between. All of our furniture is made to the highest specification. In the ranges listed below you'll find a comprehensive selection of pine bedroom, dining room and living room furniture, in a wide selection of finishes.

We have over twenty-five different categories of pine furniture, so I'm sure we will have something for you.

We have several pine ranges, these ranges include Ivory Painted, Oslo White, Corona Pine Furniture, and Standard Pine. All of our furniture is available at a fraction of the high street price. If you have any queries about our pine furniture, please give us a call.

Our favourite pine bedroom furniture range is the Dijon Rustic, this superb range is something to be seen. Its solid construction, uneven edges, pegging detail and drop handles give this range a fantastic farmhouse feel and at a lot lower prices than the similar ranges in Oak. Our favourite piece in this range is the Dijon Rustic console table, simple in its design with two drawers and a thick top, and yet stunning with the colours of the wood grain that come through. Combined with the mirror and stool in the same range you would have to say that it would look perfect in any bedroom.

Material Info: Pinus sylvestris or Pine as it is better known is an evergreen tree with needles for leaves and which grows on average to the height of around twenty four meters.

Pine is one of the strongest softwoods there is and has been used in the construction industry for centuries. We use it now for our furniture but even today Pine is still used for telegraph poles. One interesting fact about the tree; the resin that can be tapped from the tree is used in the making of turpentine, another interesting fact from Furniture Style.