Evolve Furniture Range

Evolve Furniture Range Evolve Furniture Range

Buying the ideal furniture does not just come without careful consideration of the style, the material, the workmanship and personality that it brings to the home. Some types have all that a person needs for comfort and relaxation. Choosing furniture also involves determining the captivating presence of the item and how it fits in with the surroundings, so as to have the desired impact. For instance, some choose walnut for its warm and solid look while others may go for unique but simple features in furniture. This is in order to add a personal touch to the already impressive features of the house. Always look for the type that adapts to the uniform theme of the home which is available in the Evolve Furniture range.

Of course, the furniture items brought into a room must not overwhelm the whole space so it is not wise to use pieces that are too majestic to decorate a small room. Modern homes with contemporary designs can do quite well with simple varieties that are compact and sturdy as in this Evolve Furniture Range. They mostly like this collection for its functionality and strong features. The tables and chairs are strong, fetching and chic enough to transform any home. The different pieces are made in exciting designs, patterns, and outstanding workmanship. By using highly skilled expertise, we have taken walnut, and chrome together with black glass. This combination has produced a unique style that is fresh and exciting.

In the collection offered by the whole Evolve Furniture range, there are some spectacular chairs, TV stands, TV Units, Coffee Tables that are of black glass and Walnut. These are also extremely popular for people living in homes or apartments with limited space.

We understand that every homeowner wants a fabulous dining room set that is affordable, which gives off an outstanding style and charm. The dining area is where the family spends most of their time, and just like the living room, it needs the sturdy and striking designs that are exclusive in this furniture line. The Evolve Dining Table Small, for example, has a table and four chairs. The set is made from the same fabulous and futuristic style that combines the three materials namely chrome, walnut and black glass that never ceases to dazzle the visitors.

Most of the Evolve Furniture range collection is made from Chrome, walnut and black glass products which are super stylish. They are perfect for the dining rooms of any opulent homes of this generation. The living room furniture in this collection features a wide choice of impressive Dining Sets that seat for four, six or more people. This is because they offer compact functional dining sets, TV Stands, and Coffee Tables. In all these, there is a central theme that is set by the fantastic workmanship which brings out the true beauty of a contemporary, modern look and style that is now the in thing with the haute couture trend setters.


Evolve Dining Table Large

L: 1500mm
W: 900mm
H: 740mm


Evolve Chair - Pair Of 2

W: 450mm
H: 1055mm
D: 530mm


Evolve Tv Unit Small

W: 600mm
H: 540mm
D: 450mm


Evolve Coffee Table

W: 900mm
H: 430mm
D: 500mm