Breton Furniture Range

Breton Furniture Range Breton Furniture Range

There is a lot that goes into the making of durable furniture. The Breton Furniture Range has chosen to work with Pine Wood. Pine wood is hard, strong, and has a unique appearance that comes from its distinct natural grains and notches. Another priceless quality that the Breton style has employed fully in the making of their dining room furniture is the use of vintage style that everyone wants to associate with nowadays.

Everyone knows that to obtain this distinctive look in your home can leave quite a dent in your wallet but you will find the reasonable prices of the Breton Furniture Range can really make your pennies go further. Even though, Pine is among the five wood types that are constantly in the forefront when it comes to furniture making industry, there is a great difference in pricing as items made out of Pine wood are not as costly as Mahogany or Oak, for example. In order to provide the highest quality dining room set of Vintage Pine finish, the Breton Furniture Range has put into the market some enchanting but affordable pieces. Take a look at the "shabby chic" pieces that are made to look like a distressed antique style such as the Breton Dining Table that comes with chairs that have seat fabrics that are in a class of their own.

It is difficult for anyone to overlook the Breton Furniture Range, especially due to the fact that the pieces just get better with age. They adapt to their surroundings by blending well with the rest of the items in the room. It is comfortable and solid enough to transform the living room with its warmth and homely feel which is of wonderful quality for a country home or even for the modern apartments.

In this particular collection, the highly popular Breton Furniture Range offers a Dining table and a set of six chairs. They have angular legs that are a unique design in their own right. The Breton Console Table and Side Board complete the dining room set that is a picture of beauty by all standards, in a classy home.


Breton Dining Chair - Pack Of 2

W: 450mm
H: 1000mm
D: 580mm

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