Amari Furniture Range

Amari Furniture Range Amari Furniture Range

The design or appearance of every home is important. This is because it mirrors the personality of the people living in it. It also brings out an impression to your guests that they will remember for a long time. The style of the home is instrumental too in providing convenience to everyone living in it. This is the reason why we highly recommend the Amari furniture range in your home.

The Amari furniture range will provide the style that you need to boost the appearance of every room in your home. You, your family members and guests will really love the design of the furniture in this range. The design of the furniture in this collection features a formal to casual modern Italian design, which is definitely fit for every occasion and for any use. Its appearance is further enhanced by its espresso finish and acacia style foiled wood grain. The subtle chrome leg detail adopted throughout the range undoubtedly increases its perceived value and it makes for an eye-catching and attractive aesthetic. This premium quality collection is highly sought after by anyone striving for a more contemporary interior design scheme.

Its top notch and elegant design make it look expensive. But in reality, this is available at affordable costs, which will not empty your purse or wallet. You can really make the most out of your money with its usefulness and the kind of beauty that it can provide to your home.

In terms of functionality, you will be satisfied with its use. This range features dining set to provide you comfort while eating. It features a coffee table and lamp tables too. Then the different sideboards will offer you many ways to organize your belongings. The sideboards even provide plenty of ways of enhancing your entertainment experience if you decide to put your TV or audio system on it.

Aside from complementing modern homes, this is also perfect for any home because of its exquisite Italian design. You and your family will surely love the benefits that it can bring to your home. It is capable of boosting the charm of your home while you enjoy its functionality that is guaranteed to last for a long time.


Amari Coffee Table

W: 1100mm
H: 430mm
D: 600mm


Amari Tv Unit Low Sideboard

W: 1400mm
H: 490mm
D: 450mm


Extra Box Of 4 Amari Chairs

W: 460mm
H: 900mm
D: 555mm


Amari Sideboard

W: 1270mm
H: 760mm
D: 430mm


Amari Lamp Table

W: 550mm
H: 500mm
D: 550mm