Malvern Furniture Range

Malvern Furniture Range Malvern Furniture Range

Beautiful with a dark brown finish, the Malvern furniture range is perfect for an elegant yet still homely look. Made from walnut, the pieces in this line of furnishings are very durable and will be able to maintain their beautiful finish for a long period of time. They are not only stylish, but are very functional as well.

Low-key without being boring, Malvern furniture is great for highlighting key elements in your house, from your bedroom to your dining area. A room designed in neutral pallets can be made more striking with the right combination and placement of Malvern furniture, without looking too flamboyant. At the same time, the walnut's deep rich chocolate brown colour makes it easy to blend in with other furniture and decorations. Complemented with the right design, they can give your house a contemporary look, but they can also work well with rustic and traditional tones.

For your bedroom, you can select the Malvern bed (choose from 4 ft x 6 ft or 5 ft) and complement it with the Malvern 2 door wardrobe, Malvern 4 plus 2 chest, and Malvern 2 drawer bedside table. Their soothing brown finish will not only bring a homely atmosphere to your bedroom, but their usability and functionality are characteristics that also make them worth investing in as well. They are not just simply for show or decoration, because every piece of Malvern furniture is crafted with care to splendidly carry out its intended purpose.

For your living room, you can choose from a variety of Malvern TV unit, coffee tables, sideboards, and tables. Because they are made from walnut, they are extremely durable and can withstand great stress and pressure. If you have a household full of kids, yet at the same time want your home to look like something from the pages of Household Beautiful , then the walnut-made Malvern furniture range is a great option.

There are other pieces perfect for other areas of your home, and you can even switch some of the bedroom and living room furniture to the other rooms. If you are interested in buying something beautiful and durable, then you can check the selection of Malvern furniture available below, and get them delivered for free when you purchase.


Malvern Console Table

W: 1092mm
H: 789mm
D: 370mm